Published or accepted for publication
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    Conference Paper
  • Jacob D. Moorman, Qinyi Chen, Thomas K. Tu, Zachary M. Boyd, and Andrea L. Bertozzi. "Filtering methods for subgraph matching on multiplex networks." Proc. GTA3 workshop, IEEE Conference on BIG DATA, Seattle, 2018, pp. 3979-3984. (PDF_file)

    Book chapeter -- original research
  • Zachary M. Boyd, Michael Dorff, Rachel Messick, Matthew Romney, and Ryan Viertel, "Harmonic univalent mappings with singular inner function dilatation," in 60 years of analytic functions in Lublin --- In memory of our professors and friends Jan G. Krzyz, Zdislaw Lewandowski and Wojciech Szapiel, Jan Szynal, ed., Monogr. Univ. Econ. Innov. Lublin, Innovatio Press Scientific Publishing House, Lublin, 2013, pp. 191-200.

    Book chapeter -- survey
  • Zachary M. Boyd and Michael Dorff, "Harmonic univalent mappings and minimal graphs," in Current topics in pure and computational complex analysis, S. Joshi, M. Dorff, and I. Lahiri,eds., Springer, 2014, pp. 21-46. (journal link)

    Technical Reports
  • Zachary M. Boyd and Joanne Wendelberger. "An integrated approach to parameter learning in infinite dimensional space." Los Alamos technical report LA-UR-17-28326, 2017. (PDF file)
  • Zachary M. Boyd, Scott D. Ramsey, and Roy S. Baty. "Symmetries of the Euler compressible flow equations for general equation of state." Los Alamos technical report LA-UR-15-28034, 2015. (PDF file)

  • Zachary M. Boyd. Community detection using total variation and surface tension. PhD dissertation. University of California, Los Angeles, 2018. (database_link)
  • Zachary M. Boyd. Convolutions and convex combinations of harmonic mappings of the disk. Master's thesis. Brigham Young University, 2014. (database link)

    Unpublished manuscript
  • Zachary M. Boyd and Andrea Bertozzi, PageRank Modularity MBO.